We build memorable websites, native apps

We build memorable websites, native apps

software solutions and e-commerce platforms in order to provide unique and notable experiences for our users.

Our Services

Landings and websites.

Do you have an event you want to communicate? Do you need a new website for your company? Are you about to launch a new product? Look no further. Designing and developing websites are part of our core areas of expertise.

We focus on making a completely custom made design for you in order to generate a visual impact that is etched on your user's minds. And if you need it, we combine it with an intuitive and easy-to-use but powerful back-office, so you can manage your website and its contents from wherever and whenever you need to, without having to touch a single line of code.



Whether your brand is making its first steps in the digital commerce world, or you are looking to re-invent your current e-commerce platform, we can help you.

With a strong focus on user experience and performance oriented design, we specialize in creating marketplaces that can satisfy your needs and do even more; ranging from completely independent platforms with their web and iOS and Android apps, to custom-built platforms that integrate with a pre-existent system.

Get to know why companies such as Cinemex, Pizza Hut and KFC trust us year over year and the results we helped them achieve.


Custom-built digital solutions.

Not everything is communication and pretty lights. Certain processes need to be robust, are logic-heavy and require interaction and integration with offline systems. At Social Snack we know that very well and to be able to tackle such challenges, we have a team with functional analysts and engineers with vast experience working on and developing high-complexity systems, which we believe will make a meaningful impact on you project.

Get to know the systems and platforms we built for Santander, Hyundai and government agencies such as México and the City of Buenos Aires.


Our workflow

We get to know each other.

We want you to get to know Social Snack and the wonderful people that are part of our team; and we want to do the same with you and your company.

We understand your business.

To reach your goals and help you come up with a solution to your problems, we think understanding your business and market is the most important thing. We don't want to be a simple service provider, we want to be your partners.

We listen to you, your situation, your problems and your ideas.

Your expertise and knowledge is one of the best resources we have at our disposal and we plan on using it. Most of the times, you already have a great solution, you just need someone to enhance it.

We combine your industry knowledge with our digital knowledge.

We combine the best of both worlds.

We create a functional proposal and we validate it together.

What are we going to do? How? How will it look? All of these questions start having answers.

We iterate until we find the perfect solution.

We know we are probably not going to get it perfect on the first try and we'll need a couple more attempts (although we try!), so we work until we find the best possible solution.

We design basic prototypes as proof-of-concept.

If you've never heard about wireframes, they are tests that help us build the general site architecture before focusing on the high-fidelity design.

We bring prototypes to life by designing a top-notch user interface.

We consider the best practices, latest trends, your brand image to bring wireframes to life.

We code

Developer: machine capable of turning coffee into code.

We design and code a bit more

Each time we finish developing a feature, designing a new section, or come up with a new feature, we'll share it with you. We believe it's very important for you to have a clear and up-to-date project status and to know what we are working on at all times.

With each advance we make, we'll deliver a 100% functional product on a testing environment.

Constant iteration is a key part of our process, and lets us easily shift directions in case unexpected changes or needs come up. S#!t happens, and we know it.

We show the entire world what we have worked on!

Mission accomplished!

Our team

A team full of detail oriented people, that bring to life the designs and interactions created by our designers. They don't rest until their work is perfectly usable and viewable in every type of screen and size.

Front-end developers

Engineers, students and life experts. They are responsible for turning into code the most complex architectures and business rules you can imagine.

Back-end developers

Our generalists. They have enough knowledge to be a part of the team in both roles.

Full-stack developers

We are not going to lie: we are not perfect and we know we make mistakes. But in case we forget, they are there to remind us of that.


They are responsible for combining functional requirements, user studies, information architecture and design trends into a top-notch user experience and interface.

UX/UI designers

A hybrid role created by the company which combines functional analysis, client relationships, and project supervision. They are highly trained in both design and software development.

Project Development Manager

Teammate and supervisor. He is actively involved in most of the projects.

Head of Product Design

Our tools

Created exclusively for user experience and interface design


Our chosen suite for image and photograph editing, montage creation, illustration, logo and font design, animations, video editing and much more.


Interact with our prototypes before the development stage. Forget about zip files with 150 images.


If you ever had to open 4 email chains and read 23 messages to understand what was going on and you found it annoying, you are going to love Basecamp. This is the platform we use to keep communications organized.


Need to send us a quick message? Let's chat on Slack!


Don't worry about servers. Depending on your project's needs, we'll help you choose the right solution for you so you don't spend money where you don't need to.


Some projects need a really robust infrastructure. For these kind of projects we use AWS and their service suite.

Amazon Web Services

Don't pay for unnecessary licenses and take advantage of a community that is constantly evolving.

Open Source Development

Success stories

Client: Santander

Situation: They wanted to boost recognitions between teammates and employees.

Results: Together, we created a platform and innovative product that was social, intuitive, easy to use which promoted recognition between people that have worked together and boosted Santander’s values.

Client: Genoma Lab

Situation: They needed to automate and digitalize their market research.

Results: We created and developed a custom built platform that allowed them to create and distribute market research for their products, and then automate the data analysis of those studies. We masked that powerful insight tool behind a tarot-like experience to keep our users engaged.

Client: Cinemex

Situation: They needed to improve their user’s online experience and make their platform more reliable.

Results: Besides being recognized with awards such as the best e-commerce platform in Mexico, year over year since 2014 we’ve managed to increase an average 35% of tickets sold and online-earnings through the website and mobile apps we developed.


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