Every creative campaign must be able to transform the "idea"

Every creative campaign must be able to transform the "idea"

into a tactical deployment. That's our solution to help our partners and their agencies with a team of thinkers and creators

Our services

AR (Augmented Reality) Studio.

If what your eyes can see is not enough, we create new realities for your enjoyment.

Our team of developers, designers and animators have created augmented reality experiences for the most innovative brands in Latin America and Europe.

We are Snapchat Lens Creative Partners and Facebook Marketing Partners, and we specialize in combining 3D experiences, movement design, interaction and gamification through Lens Studio and AR Spark.


Creative Storytelling.

Our brains remember things better if the concepts are part of a story. Amazing, right?

That's why our creative producers design and build stories. So you can send messages to your audience at each touchpoint, in a way that will enhance the connection of the person and the brand.


Audio Ads.

Music plays a very important role in our lives.

At Social Snack we create your campaign's audio content, creating a deep connection between the listener and the message. We are Spotify Creative Partners and we help your brand to find it’s literal voice.


Creative Ads Solutions.

When your creativity is though out for each format, your message has no limits. Each publishing platform has its own language and formats, that is why it is very important to adapt the message correctly for each one, so that your goals are achieved.

From Instagram Stories to influencers on Twitch and even Spotify’s Adpages our expertise is multiplatform, and you can take full advantage of it to expand your communications.


Social Media Strategy.

A social media strategy goes beyond Tweeting and liking photos. It is necessary to have a functional strategy behind every social interaction that responds to the overall communications plan.

Our strategy team designs the communication plan, the correct mix of ideas, objectives and points of contacts to ensure that you’ll reach your goals.

What are you waiting for?


Our workflow

We get to know each other.

We want you to get to know Social Snack and the wonderful people that are part of our team; and we want to do the same with you and your company.

We understand your business.

To reach your goals and help you come up with a solution to your problems, we think understanding your business and market is the most important thing. We don't want to be a simple service provider, we want to be your partners.

Brief us with your needs and opportunities.

It is very important, for us to build a proposal, that your brief has a clearly defined objective, with KPIs and consumer insights, that will allow us to understand what your customers see, think and feel. It must contain the main message that you’d like your audience to receive.

We conduct additional research to obtain more insights.

We will research your brand, its history and previous campaigns. We will ask you to provide some of the information and we will use market research tools to get your competitor's data.

Defining the best strategy.

We will design the best solution in order to get our ideas and concepts to your prospective audience. We analyze each touchpoint and communicational resource to ensure that all the ideas are well thought out and data validated.

Presenting our ideas and creative concepts.

This is where we materialize our ideas in creatives concepts that we believe are best suited for your objectives.

We receive your feedback and keep working at it.

You are the best person to make our ideas grow and expand, that is why we will always listen to your feedback and work to improve them.

We come back with improvements and seek common ground.

We will present the re-worked concepts and debate them with you until we reach a consensus that this is the way to go.

Kick off meeting to get the ball rolling.

Are we all in agreement? Then we get the ball rolling. Now we transform the ideas and concepts into real communication materials, adapted to each publisher’s specifications.

Our Team

Our specialists in conceptualizing ideas. They are on charge of figuring out the heart and soul of every message and creative campaign.

Creative Producer

Our team of designers create visual effects that engage, explain and entertain all audiences. They work with a myriad of industries and tools.

Multimedia Designers

It should be obvious to even the most dim-witted individual who holds an advanced degree in hyperbolic topology that our designs have stumbled into the the third dimension!

3D Modelers

A team of very detail-oriented people. They give life to designs and create interactions for every communication piece. They will not rest until every line, color and pixel looks perfect on every screen.

Creative Developers

A role that combines creativity, client facing and supervision of projects. Highly qualified in both design and multiple media outlets.

Content Managers

Our DMS design the communication strategy, They take charge when it comes to helping our clients discover how to reach their objectives at each touchpoint.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Cameras, tripods, stabilizer on one hand, Premiere, After Effects and editing tools on the other. We have a team lock and loaded for all your audio-visual needs.

Video Producers

Our Tools

Snapchat’s platform to create augmented reality lenses

Lens Studio

Facebook & Instagram's platform for creating the filters that will have you spending hours taking selfies.

AR Spark

Our chosen suite for image and photograph editing, montage creation, illustration, logo and font design, animations, video editing and much more.

Adobe Suite

Where we add the remaining D to our 2D designs and create 3D experiences.

3DS Max

Success Stories

Client: IRSA’s Shopping Malls

Situation: IRSA’s has eleven shopping centers that are distributed across Argentina, and every year around Christmas they execute their biggest media campaign, Matinee Shopping. How do we generate a communication campaign that contemplates each shopping center’s benefits and audiences?

Results: Applying all of our best practices, we helped IRSA execute a hyper segmented media plan to communicate to their various audiences the discounts and benefits available at each location. Every year we traffic over 3,500 creatives, targeting every step of the path to conversion, transforming potential customers into actual buyers.

Client: Huawei Central America & Caribbean

Situation: Lack of user engagement with the content in their social media accounts for Panamá, Costa Rica, and Dominican Republic impeded the effective brand positioning in targeted audiences.

Results: We put together a dedicated regional team that was able to analyze social media use and conversations in the region, developing and adapting personalized messages that ensured audience participation in all platforms. A year later, we designed and developed content strategies for 8 countries in Central America and the Caribbean.

Client: Canon

Situation: With the proliferation of smartphones and the rise of image based social media like Instagram, the photographic industry and traditional camera manufacturers like Canon lost the casual photographer or amateur market.

Results: After months of analysis, we implemented a social media strategy that involved a crossover of influencers and opinion leaders that, enhanced by our creative campaigns, doubled the traffic to the brand’s ecommerce, increasing sales through digital channels.


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