Augmented Reality experiences that create relationships.

Augmented Reality experiences that create relationships.

We design and develop augmented reality experiences for the most innovative brands. Hundreds of millions of users have already used them on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

Our Services

AR Design & Development

We combine 3D experience, motion graphics and interactions, creating effects for AR Spark and Lens Studio.

Gameable AR

We bring together the AR world and games, leading users to unprecedented interaction through our gamification experiences.

AR Strategy

We create digital strategies to distribute AR experiences through organic and paid media, ensuring that the right audiences are interacting with your brand.

A team of specialists

We have the first AR Studio with more than 4 years of experience designing more than 300 experiences for leading brands in Latin America, US and Europe.

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Success Stories

Dolce & Gabbana | Italy

E-commerce is a palpable reality in today’s market. But one of the difficulties it faces is how users can test or try-on products. In order to solve this problem, through we developed this virtual eyewear try-on-experience, and if the user wished to do so, he or she could buy them directly.

Armani | Spain

Product testing is important in e-commerce but so is the usability context for the user. The photo booth experience usually has a great performance among users.

Topsy | Ecuador

Memes kept their great popularity in 2019 and usually brands want to join this trend in an attractive way for the users. Topsy is a great example of this, where through this lens they allowed users to become a meme and play at the same time.

Renner | Brasil

Retail brands often tend to develop characters or cartoons that allow them to communicate with their different audiences through a dynamic language. In this case, Renner developed two cartoons that Social Snack brought to life. When users bought the products and scanned the snapcode, they could see the character came to life in their environment.

Star Wars

In our offices there is no lack of fans of this wonderful saga. So to celebrate the release of the latest film in the Skywalker saga, we created an allegorical lens. Which side of the force do you belong to?

Banco General | Panama

To bring awareness to the fight against cancer, the Banco General de Panamá developed a lens that serves as an extension to the user-generated content. This way users can tell in a different way how they fought against this terrible disease.

Paulo Londra | Argentina

For his new single, Paulo Londra launched this lens that invites users to sing along the song at the same time that it transformed our users in the lion featured on the music video.

Dairy Queen | Mexico

To create brand awareness, Dairy Queen developed this gaming mechanic where users had to eat the right product.

Disney Channel | Italy

For the presentation of the new series, Bia, Disney Italy launched a lens make to the series theme song readh the youngest audience.

Bazooka | Argentina

As part of the brand relaunch of its most iconic product, Mondelez developed alongside IMS and Social Snack this lens that sought to bring back to life the traditional character of the emblem gum, Joe.

Old Spice | Mexico

To enhance the launch of its limited edition deodorant, Old Spice developed this lens with a strong emotional link to Mexican culture.

Our partnerships

Snapchat Lens Creative Partner

Facebook Marketing Partner

Our tools

Snapchat’s platform to create augmented reality lenses.

Lens Studio

Facebook & Instagram's platform for creating the filters that will have you spending hours taking selfies.

AR Spark

Our chosen suite for image and photograph editing, montage creation, illustration, logo and font design, animations, video editing and much more.

Adobe Suite

Where we add the remaining D to our 2D designs and create 3D experiences.

3DS Max


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