Media planning, purchase and optimization.

Media planning, purchase and optimization.

Big ideas and strategies need top notch execution. We create and carry on integrated and effective media campaigns.

Our Services

Insights discovery and audience research.

Every person is a world. And if there's something we love, it's exploring new worlds.

We make a very in depth research and study on you target audience, the group of people you want to reach with your product or service. Our team focuses on analyzing and studying your market, the consumers and you competitors. We discover and id the interaction points between consumers and your brand. This allows us to create the best possible plan to reach your goals.


Digital media planning.

How do we use and invest your money?

Planning is choosing the right mix between multiple media outlets and formats in order to communicate your message in the most effective way possible. By doing that, we discover which media outlets your target audience is exposed to, and how. We know how important your money is to you, that's why we are always looking to get the best return of investment.

Using our proprietary optimization checklist, we make adjustments day after day in each of your campaigns to achieve the best possible results.


Paid search, Social & Mobile Marketing.

Mobile First? SERP? Social Media?

Google and social media searches have great power for consumers. We know it because we work with this everyday. We have a team of experts that work relentlessly to generate demand and notoriety for your business. We harness the power of remarketing and use the best formats to increase the interaction between you and your audience.


Econometrics, ROI & Forecasts.

We know that measuring everything is very important to you. And, let's be honest, usually the softer metrics are good enough. But we want to go one step further, so we designed a team that dedicates itself to measuring your return of investment in each media outlet. But before this, we'll present you you our projections and forecasts, which we will use to benchmark and compare the results we achieve in the service we provide. We make ourselves proud on keeping our promises and keep surprises down to a minimum.


Marketing automated dashboards.

No PDFs, no PPTs, no reports.

Our teams are trained to create digital dashboards where you can check in real time the efficiency of each of your campaigns, letting you and your team make faster and more informed decisions without having to wait for a report.

We use Google Data Studio to custom design each of these dashboards. The more access to information you give us, the more data integration we'll be able to achieve. You know it better than anyone: great campaigns are based in lots of data and how well you can use it.

What are you waiting for?


Our workflow

We get to know each other

We want you to get to know Social Snack and the wonderful people that are part of our team; and we want to do the same with you and you company.

We understand your business

To tackle your goals and bring you a solution to your problems, we think understanding your business and market is the most important thing. We don't want to be a simple service provider, we want to be your partners.

We analyze your target audience.

Using analysis tools like TGI, e-marketer or Comscore, we try to understand your target audience digital behavior.

We identify the best media mix to reach your audience.

We find the media outlets with the biggest penetration and affinity with your target audience.

We design a customer media journey.

We choose every contact point to define what kind of message to give at each moment.

We compare media outlets.

Once we identify which media outlets have the biggest impact, it's time to analyze each publisher's reach on the general population in order to make the best use of your media investment.

We propose investment scenarios.

We create an investment plan with reach and results projections. This investment is based in the coverage porcentaje we would like to reach on each publisher.

Creativity applied to every format.

Magic needs multiple talents. It's time to let our creative team get in the action and get the best out of every platform. At this stage, we "translate" the campaign's creative concept to the "language" used in each platform.

Real time data

Fear of missing out? Don't worry. We create a Google Data Studio dashboard so you can check what's going on on your campaigns down to the second.

Continual improvement

Based on the achieved results at the moment, we regularly optimize your campaigns in order to be able to reach the goals we've set to accomplish.

Our team

We specialize in reaching our goals. Our performance analyst execute the campaigns that look for an interaction from your audience.

Performance Analyst

With their holistic vision of digital media outlets, this talented professionals are the ones tasked with setting up you messages in each touchpoint.

Digital Media Analyst

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok? Our social media experts are familiar with every platform and it's formats down to the little details. In Social Media We Trust. In Social Media We Trust.

Social Media Planner

The designers of our master pieces. Our talented planners are responsible for designing each and every touchpoint the campaign will have, as well as identifying the best media mix in order to maximize your ROI.

Planning Coordinator

Data, data and more data. The make, sort and report our models. Their analytical superpower makes them our heroes.

Marketing Scientist

Our tools

Access over a thousand studies to get to really know your audience.


Advertisers, publishers, formats? We know down to the detail how your competitors behave on the market.


Thanks Google. We use this tool to understand how people use the internet all over the world.

Google Barometer

Each market research lets us better define your target audience and each touchpoint.


We analyze data to find insights that amaze us, and we generate a strategy based on it.


We can't live without it. From the analytics module down to the dynamic ads, we make full use of the suite.

Facebook Business Manager

Our performance engine. We are certified Google Partners.

Google Ads

The tool we use for automated dashboards and reports to make sure you don't miss anything.

Google Data Studio

We trust Comscore to evaluate each publisher in order to decide which is the best publisher to invest in.


Success Stories

Client: Sony Pictures Television

Situation: They needed to manage the communication of their whole entertainment sheet across Latin America.

Result: We managed to unify the way each of the channel’s entertainments proposals “talked” in the digital ecosystem, generating more and better awareness for the shows. We planned, executed and optimized over 300 campaigns on Facebook, Google and Instagram, among other platforms.

Client: Banco General de Panamá

Situation: They needed a local partner which could manage their product’s and service’s communication in every digital channel.

Results: With over 100 active campaigns, we generated awareness and reach our performance goals for the products they wanted to communicate. We helped to define custom audiences and designed digital dashboards in order to be able to visualize data and results in real time.

Client: Hyundai

Situation: They wanted to grow the direct digital media participation in the sales process for their cars.

Results: Digital media channels turned out to be a key piece for lead generation and unit sales. We managed to reach a rate of over 35% for all their sales with leads generated by the digital campaigns we’ve run.


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